Landscaping – What is it?

Landscaping refers to the practice of modifying the visible features of an area of land, including living elements such as flora or fauna, or what is commonly known as gardening, as well as natural elements such as bodies of water, terrain shape, and elevation, or what is known as terrain modification. Landscaping also encompasses the manipulation of abstract elements such as the weather and lighting conditions. Talk with Don to help you design your perfect yard.

Landscaping can be undertaken for various purposes, including beautification, to create functional outdoor spaces for activities like gardening or recreation, to improve the aesthetic appeal and value of a property, or for environmental reasons such as conservation or restoration efforts.

Landscaping projects can range from simple tasks like planting a garden or mowing the lawn to more complex endeavors like designing and constructing elaborate outdoor spaces with features such as patios, water features, and retaining walls. It often involves a combination of art and science, incorporating principles of design, ecology, horticulture, and construction to create harmonious and sustainable outdoor environments.

Professional landscapers may work independently or as part of a landscaping company, offering services such as landscape design, installation, maintenance, and restoration. They may collaborate with architects, civil engineers, and other professionals to ensure that landscaping projects meet both aesthetic and functional requirements while considering factors such as site conditions, climate, and budget constraints.

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